Marketing automation tools help companies scale and optimize their marketing operations and performance, automate lead scoring, social media posts, and email campaigns, while easily integrating into existing technology systems and workflows. The top digital marketing automation solutions also feature simple installation process with no code necessary.

Choose platforms that provide services you require, such as email marketing and analytics. Some providers, like Marketo Adobe, provide an entire suite of marketing automation tools suitable for every channel and engagement point.


Before searching for a marketing automation tool, it is crucial to establish your goals and desired outcomes clearly. This will allow you to make more strategic selections about which tools are suitable for your business; additionally, automating repetitive tasks will free up more time for other projects.

Marketing automation tools can be used either randomly or with skill and care, depending on your desired goal. Utilizing them correctly can help streamline campaigns and meet branding objectives more easily; however, you must ensure any tools used comply with industry privacy regulations.

Flodesk is an email and SMS marketing automation tool that enables businesses to build email lists, automate messages, add form fields to customize message templates, as well as schedule automated emails based on customer lifecycle stages.


Marketing automation tools can help you scale your efforts by eliminating time-consuming tasks. They also improve collaboration among teams and stakeholders while decreasing human error in performing repetitive tasks. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that marketing automation tools must be utilized within an overall strategic plan or else they may become futile investments of money and effort.

CoSchedule is an effective marketing automation tool designed to assist marketers in streamlining their workflows. Its features include project management, social media scheduling and content production – plus its user interface is intuitive with plenty of templates to select. Furthermore, its ReQueue feature enables marketers to schedule posts repeatedly.

Flexibility and scalability make it an excellent fit for marketing teams with diverse requirements, offering free trial periods as well as multiple pricing plans to accommodate unique marketing requirements. In addition, they provide helpful resources and webinars.


Moosend is an email marketing platform with advanced triggers and automations based on customer behavior, plus RSS & Repeatable emails which make Moosend perfect for content publishers looking to grow their audiences while monetising their work. Plus its user-friendly interface and transparent pricing makes Moosend an affordable yet powerful solution that small and midsized businesses alike should seriously consider using.

The drag-and-drop editor is designed for users without technical expertise, making it simple for them to customize templates. In addition, advanced reporting and analytics capabilities help users monitor campaign performance while making data-driven decisions.

Moosend provides 32 different automation triggers – far more than most rival services can boast! Many are web tracking-based, making it simple to associate automations with specific actions on the website. Furthermore, pre-built automated sequences such as welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, loyalty sequences, customer onboarding are available as pre-set automations in Moosend’s email lists tool that allow you to target campaigns based on various factors – for instance it could send product recommendations based on weather in an individual contact’s vicinity!


Marketing automation tools can be useful tools for automating repetitive tasks and saving time, but they should never replace knowledge-based strategies and tactics in marketing.

Oracle Pardot offers B2B companies one of the most sophisticated tools available today for automating lead scoring, nurturing sales funnel leads, delivering personalized messages directly to customers and fully integrating with CRMs to give a full view of each customer journey.

Keap is another powerful marketing automation solution, offering email sequences based on client actions with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder for effortless email campaigns. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Xero, Postmark, Mandrill and Zapier systems.

Omnisend is an extensive marketing automation solution, combining email and SMS automation. Additionally, it provides omnichannel functionality, such as push notifications, Facebook Messenger integrations, e-commerce integrations and push notifications. Omnisend boasts advanced targeting features with split automation and drag-and-drop campaign builder – perfect for marketers wanting to automate social media posts as well as paid ads alongside email.

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